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LoveNestle Weekly Sex Position 40: Cross Sex Position

cross sex position

Welcome to LoveNestle's weekly sex position. This week, we're exploring the Cross Sex Position, a unique and intimate configuration that allows partners to experience closeness and deep penetration from an unconventional angle. Let's dive into the specifics of what each partner can do to make the most of this engaging position.

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How to Perform Cross Sex Position

What the Girl Does in the Cross Position

In the Cross Position, the woman plays a pivotal role in setting the pace and depth of penetration. She lies on her back, possibly on a bed or a comfortable surface, and raises her legs slightly. As her partner positions himself perpendicularly across her, she can control the movement by adjusting the angle of her legs and hips. This allows her to manage the depth and intensity of thrusts, making it a highly responsive and customizable experience. She may also choose to wrap her legs around her partner’s back for increased stability and deeper penetration.

What the Guy Does in the Cross Position

The man's role in the Cross Position involves careful positioning and movement. He positions himself at a right angle over the woman, aligning his hips with hers. His responsibility is to maintain balance and control the thrusting motion. He can also play an active role in enhancing intimacy by engaging in eye contact, caressing, or verbally communicating with his partner throughout the act. His hands are free to explore, allowing him to stimulate other erogenous zones, enhancing the overall experience.

Things To Consider When Performing the Cross Booty Sex Position


Constant communication is crucial in cross sex  position to ensure both partners are comfortable. Discuss preferences, boundaries, and any discomfort that may arise during the activity.


Especially important if considering anal play in cross sex  position, proper lubrication is essential to reduce friction and increase comfort for both partners.

Body Alignment

Pay close attention to how both bodies are aligned. Misalignment can lead to discomfort or even pain, particularly in more dynamic positions like the Cross Booty. Adjusting the angle of entry or the positioning of the legs can help find the most pleasurable alignment.

cross sex position

Flexibility and Physical Limitations

Cross sex position can be demanding on the body. Be aware of any physical limitations or flexibility issues either partner may have. It might be necessary to modify the position or use props like pillows to support the body and reduce strain.

Benefits of the Cross Sex Position

Deep Penetration

Cross sex position allows for deep penetration, which can be particularly pleasurable for both partners. It is effective for stimulating the G-spot or the prostate, depending on the orientation.

Increased Intimacy

The arrangement of the cross sex position promotes significant eye contact and face-to-face interaction, which can increase the emotional connection and intimacy between partners. This closeness is ideal for couples looking to strengthen their bond.


Cross sex position is versatile and can be adapted to suit various environments and surface types, from beds to more solid surfaces like tables. It can also be modified to accommodate different body sizes and flexibility levels.

Enhanced Clitoral Stimulation

The alignment in the cross sex position can allow for additional clitoral stimulation, either through manual touching or the natural rubbing against the partner's body. This added stimulation can lead to more comprehensive sexual pleasure.

Visual Stimulation

Cross sex position provides excellent angles for visual stimulation. Partners can watch each other's expressions and reactions, which can be a significant turn-on and add to the overall eroticism of the encounter.


Safety and Comfort Tips about Cross Booty Position

Use Cushions for Support

Use cushions or pillows to avoid discomfort, especially on harder surfaces. Placing a pillow under the hips of the receiving partner can reduce strain and enhance comfort.

Proper Lubrication

Particularly if engaging in anal play, ensure adequate lubrication to facilitate smoother movements and reduce the risk of discomfort or injury. Choose a high-quality lubricant that is compatible with any condoms or toys being used.

Gradual Progression

Start slowly with gentle movements to allow both partners to adjust to the position. Gradually increase the intensity and depth of penetration as comfort dictates.

Ensure Stable Ground

Perform the position on a stable and secure surface to prevent any slips or falls. Ensure that the space is free of any objects that could cause injury.

Maintain Balance

Particularly for the penetrating partner, maintaining balance is key to avoiding strain or injury. Position your feet firmly and use your hands to stabilize yourself if necessary.

Hydrate and Take Breaks

Keep hydrated and take breaks as needed, especially if the position is physically demanding. This helps prevent muscle cramps and fatigue.


Tips for the Cross Booty Position


Prioritize comfort to ensure an enjoyable experience for both partners. Use cushions or pillows to support the body, particularly under hips or knees, to reduce strain. Start slowly and build up intensity as you find positions that work well for both partners.

Varying angle

Experiment with different angles of penetration to discover what feels best. Adjust the receiving partner's leg positions, either raised higher or lowered, to change the depth and angle of penetration. This can significantly alter the sensations experienced and may enhance pleasure.

Mutual pleasure

Focus on activities that provide mutual pleasure. This could include maintaining eye contact, incorporating manual stimulation, or using sex toys. Ensure that both partners are actively engaged and communicate their needs and preferences to make the experience fulfilling for both.

Enhance sensation

To further enhance sensations, consider incorporating lubricants, especially for smoother movements. Experiment with temperatures using warm or cool lubricants and explore different rhythms and speeds. Touching and stimulating other erogenous zones during penetration can also heighten the overall sensory experience.


Cross sex position is a dynamic and versatile option for partners looking to explore new dimensions of intimacy and pleasure. By understanding and accommodating each other's needs, communicating openly, and taking precautions to ensure comfort, couples can deeply enjoy this unique and intimate position. Give it a try, adjust as needed, and most importantly, have fun discovering new paths to mutual satisfaction.


The Cross Position may not be suitable for all couples, especially those where there is a significant difference in body size or flexibility issues. It requires a moderate level of physical fitness to maintain balance and control throughout the act. Couples should evaluate their comfort and physical capabilities before trying this position to ensure it’s a good fit for both partners.

To make the Cross Position more comfortable, consider using pillows or cushions for support under the back or hips. Adjusting the height where the partners meet can also reduce strain. Ensure that the surface you are on is stable and comfortable. Communicate openly to adjust the leg positions or the angle of entry to find the most satisfying and least strenuous position.

When trying the Cross Position for the first time, it’s crucial to communicate effectively. Start slowly to gauge comfort levels and ensure both partners are at ease with the penetration depth and angle. It’s also important to be patient and make adjustments as needed, listening to each other’s feedback to enhance the experience for both.

Yes, the Cross Position can be adapted for anal sex. The adapting partner should ensure that they are using plenty of lubricant to facilitate comfortable entry and movement. As with vaginal penetration, adjustments may need to be made to the angle and depth to ensure comfort and pleasure for both partners.

Enhancing the experience of the Cross Position can involve incorporating more foreplay to build arousal before penetration. Using hands to stimulate other erogenous zones during penetration can also heighten the experience. Additionally, experimenting with the speed and depth of thrusts, and incorporating verbal communication or moans can further enhance the intimacy and pleasure derived from this position.

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