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LoveNestle UGC Contest banner 2024 1st Anniversary

LoveNestle UGC Contest

15 Jul - 15 Aug 2024

This July, LoveNestle is excited to announce the launch of our LoveNestle UGC Contest to celebrate our 1st anniversary! ✨ The LoveNestle UGC Contest is an event for LoveNestle users to showcase their lovely experiences with LoveNestle dolls.

No reviews are not influential! Whatever works for you: a couple of sentences on TrustPilot or Twitter, a long product review with photos, or a high-quality video with LoveNestle dolls. 🔥We look forward to your words and videos!

2023 UGC Contest Award-winning Video

👑  Champion Jan T. 👑

Exciting Prizes For Everyone!!

The first 3 winners will be selected and will receive free dolls as the grand prizes. 🎁🎉 All other participants will not be left empty-handed! Every submission will be evaluated for content quality, and a bonus or prize will be awarded. 🎁🌟

Lifesize BBW Sex Doll
Breast Sex Toy
Portable Big Booty Sex Doll
Exchangeable for Cash Discounts

The winners will be selected based on creativity, video or written review quality, content performance on social media, and adherence to the contest theme. If you write a short TrustPilot comment, you will receive extra VIP points which can be used to exchange cash discounts at LoveNestle. For LoveNestlers who post product reviews or videos on social media, the grand prize winner will take home the best-selling LoveNestle BBW sex doll $889 Vanessa!

✨How to become the ultimate prize winner?

Win big rewards in seconds!

  1. Describe product quality in your written reviews or product review videos
  2. Go over products and accessories
  3. Dress your love doll nicely and showcase the beauty of your lovely dolls
  4. Post on social media and include product links and tags (#lovenestle #lovenestledoll and #lovenestlesexdolls)
  5. Share your experiences with LoveNestle sex dolls or customer services
  6. Submitt your videos or links of publish reviews to [email protected] with a email subject: 2024 UGC Contest

To ensure a high-quality viewing experience, we kindly request that you upload photos with a minimum resolution of 1920:1080 px.

If you would like to leave us a review on TrustPilot, please click here to leave your genuine comments and send us an email with your account name.

*Note: If you participate in this contest, you will automatically give LoveNestle and anyone on behalf of LoveNestle or its respective, assigns, successors, and licensees the right to share or post your videos for advertising, public relations, trade, and promotional purposes in any media platform.

Tips to rank the highest among all candidates

Become the ultimate winner this July!

Please note that PornHub or most pornsites may not permit URLs in the video descriptions. Therefore, when you upload your video, please include “LoveNestle Sex Dolls” somewhere in the title.

If you are posting on Youtube, please make sure your content conforms to the platform guidelines and includes “LoveNestle Sex Doll Review” in your video title. Please do not put LoveNestle product links in your video description and comment areas. Please include #lovenestle #lovenestlesexdolls and #lovenestledoll in your video description.

If you post written reviews online
Double check that you include hashtags #lovenestle #lovenestledoll and #lovenestlesexdolls as well as or LoveNestle product links in your posts.

Preferred written review destination: LoveNestle Forum

Other recommended written review destination: Reddit, Twitter, TDF

Meet all the requirements and dedicated content will allow you to rank higher among all participants. Please note that adding links and tags is a huge plus for your content!!! Some extrodinary content may receive bonus more than you expect.


No, you don’t have to. It is fine if you do not appear in the video and do not speak. You can showcase the doll’s beauty through filming techniques or creative scenarios. Feel free to share your thoughts on product quality and general feelings about our product with subtitles and words. Additionally, please showcase the doll’s curves and skin details while patting her body, allowing viewers to witness the realism through these videos. If you have other creative ideas or suggestions, please share them with us.

LoveNestle will accept submissions from 15th of July to 15th of August. During the approximately 30-45 day period following this deadline, we will diligently evaluate the content submitted by all participants. The winners will be announced during this time frame, and you will receive notifications via email.
Prizes will be shipped from LoveNestle warehouses in Europe, the USA, and Canada. Therefore, you can expect to receive your prizes within approximately 7-10 business days after providing us with your mailing information. If you are located outside these regions, it may take slightly longer, with an estimated delivery time of around 30-60 days.
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