Cleaning sex dolls is an important part of their maintenance and hygiene. Regular cleaning not only helps to keep the doll in good condition but also ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for the user. Regular cleaning and maintenance will not only extend the doll’s lifespan but also enhance your overall experience.

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LoveNestle Sex Doll Cleaning Kit

The LoveNestle Sex Doll Cleaning Kit is a collection of essential products designed to keep your sex doll clean and well-maintained. It includes two essential items: the Sex Doll Tunnel Washer and the Sex Doll Absorbent Stick.

Sex Doll Tunnel Washer

The Sex Doll Tunnel Washer is specifically designed for cleaning and sterilizing the vaginal and anal openings of your sex doll. It provides a deep clean to eliminate any dirt, bacteria, or body fluids that may have accumulated over time. The washer is gentle on the skin and does not damage the silicone material of your sex doll.

Sex Doll accessories cleaning kit Washing sex doll with a tunnel washer

Sex Doll Absorbent Stick

The Sex Doll Absorbent Stick is an essential tool for quickly removing any moisture or fluids from your sex doll's orifices. It is made from a soft, absorbent material that dries quickly without leaving any residue. The stick is easy to use and is perfect for emergency situations or when you do not have access to a towel.

Sex Doll Cleaning Kit Absorbent Stick

How to clean your love doll with LoveNestle Sex Doll Cleaning Kit?

To clean your love doll's love holes and maintain its hygiene, it is recommended to use a tunnel washer. The tunnel washer is a specialized tool designed specifically to thoroughly clean the love holes on your love doll. Follow these steps to ensure proper cleaning:

1. Start by filling the tunnel washer with clean, warm water. Ensure that the water is not too hot or too cold, as extreme temperatures can damage your love doll's skin.

2. Hold the tunnel washer in one hand and gently squeeze it. This will force the accumulated lube and sperm out of the love holes. Continue squeezing and flushing until all the residue is cleared.

3.After flushing the love holes, thoroughly rinse them with clean water. Use gentle water pressure to remove any remaining lube or sperm residue. Pay close attention to the crevices and folds inside the love holes to ensure they are completely rinsed.

Note: It is important to use clean water during the cleaning process, as using dirty water can introduce bacteria or other contaminants that may compromise the love doll's hygiene.

Cleaning the Outer Skin of Your Sex Doll

In addition to cleaning the love holes, it is important to clean the outer skin of your sex doll as well. Follow these steps to ensure thorough cleansing:

1. Moisten your hands with a mild soap or cleanser. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they can cause damage to your love doll's skin. Gently rub the soap or cleanser onto the outer skin of the sex doll, being careful not to rub too hard or scratch its surface.

2. Use your hands or a soft sponge to gently massage the outer skin of the sex doll. Start at the top of the doll's body and work your way down, focusing on areas where dirt or sweat may accumulate. Be gentle and pay attention to any specific areas that require special attention.

3. Once you have finished cleaning the sex doll's outer skin, allow it to air dry naturally. Alternatively, you can use a soft cloth to remove any remaining moisture or gently pat it dry. Avoid using towels or rough surfaces, as they may cause scratches or damage to the love doll's skin.
By following these steps, you can keep your love doll clean and maintained, ensuring that it remains hygienic and ready for the next intimate encounter. Remember to clean your love doll regularly to maintain its optimal condition and extend its lifespan.

Sex Doll Tunnel Washer Instruction

Cleaning your sex doll regularly is essential to maintain its hygiene and prevent bacterial buildup. The LoveNestle sex doll tunnel washer is designed to effectively clean the tunnels of your sex dolls while minimizing the risk of scratches. Follow these instructions to use the tunnel washer correctly:

1. Fill the water bottle with water or a diluted mild soap solution (water and mild soap).

2. With a gentle squeeze of the tunnel washer's bottle, flush the sperm and lubricants from the doll's tunnels.

3. Rinse the tunnel with clean water 3-5 times, using a body wash mixture, to remove any remaining sperm, lubricants, and soap.

By following these instructions, you can ensure that your sex doll remains clean and free from bacteria.

Sex Doll Absorbent Stick Instruction

The Absorbent Stick is an essential tool for cleaning and maintaining your sex doll. It is designed to ensure the vagina and anus are completely dry after cleaning. The stick is made from diatomaceous earth, a safe and effective product to use around animals.
To use your Absorbent Stick, follow these steps:

1. Insert the absorbent stick into each love hole gently.

2. Squeeze the belly and hips of your sex doll to facilitate the stick's absorption of water.

3. Remove the stick gently when the love holes are dried.

Here are a few precautions to keep in mind when using your Absorbent Stick:

- The absorbent stick can be used for drying both water and lubricating oil. However, it is important to wash it with mild, antibacterial soap before using it for oil removal.

- The Absorbent Stick is reusable if properly dried after each use. To ensure optimal hygiene, it is recommended to replace the stick every two months.

- Keep the product away from minors and children.

By following these instructions and using the Absorbent Stick regularly, you can keep your sex doll clean and ready for your next intimate encounter.

FAQs about Sex Doll Cleaning Kit

Yes, it is possible to purchase a sex doll cleaning kit. However, it is important to note that we do not recommend purchasing this kit separately. The reason for this is that buying a cleaning kit without also purchasing a sex doll may result in additional shipping costs