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How to Buy Sex Dolls at LoveNestle?

LoveNestle offers a wide range of sex dolls to cater to different preferences and tastes. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you can find the perfect sex doll to satisfy your desires. Here are some ways to buy sex dolls at LoveNestle:

Buy Sex Doll by Sex Doll Gender

When it comes to purchasing a sex doll, it is important to consider your personal preferences and the gender of the doll you wish to purchase. Sex dolls come in various genders, including female, male, and shemale. Each gender offers a unique experience and caters to different preferences.

Female Sex Dolls

Female sex dolls are designed to replicate the realistic characteristics of a woman. These dolls provide a realistic and pleasurable experience, allowing buyers to explore their fantasies and engage in intimate encounters. Some popular options include petite, curvy, and busty sex dolls, allowing buyers to choose a doll that suits their preferences.

Buy Sex Dolls at LoveNestle

Male Sex Dolls

Male sex dolls cater to the preferences of male individuals. These dolls are designed to provide companionship and pleasure, offering a range of customization options. You can choose between different penis sizes, body types, and skin tones. Male sex dolls are designed to be realistic and anatomically correct. Whether your preference is muscular or slender bodies, long or short hair, or specific genitalia, male sex dolls provide a realistic and customizable experience.

Male sex doll buy sex dolls

Shemale Sex Doll

Shemale sex dolls offer a unique and thrilling experience, providing a combination of male and female traits. These dolls offer a blend of femininity and masculinity, allowing buyers to explore their fantasies and desires. Whether you identify as non-binary or simply enjoy experimenting with different genders, shemale sex dolls offer an exciting and alternative option.

Buy Sex Doll by Body Types

Another factor to consider is body type. LoveNestle offers both mini sex dolls and life-size sex dolls. Here are some options based on body type:

Beginner’s choice Mini Sex Doll

Mini sex dolls are smaller in size and are more suitable for beginners or those who prefer a more compact size. They are ideal for those who are new to sex doll ownership and are looking for a more manageable option.

Experienced Users' Choice Life Size Sex Dolls

Life Size sex dolls are designed to provide users with a realistic and immersive sexual experience. These dolls are specifically designed for individuals who prioritize realism in their sexual encounters. It is important to note that handling these dolls may require certain techniques and strength.

One of the main features of Life Size sex dolls is their dual tunnels. This allows for various sex positions and sensations. The dolls can be bent and manipulated to achieve a wide range of sexual positions, providing users with endless possibilities for exploration.

Boob Fanatic's Choice BBW Sex Dolls

If you love voluptuous body shapes, then LoveNestle BBW sex dolls are the perfect choice for you. Our dolls feature hyper-realistic skin texture and squishy boobs, providing you with a realistic and immersive sexual experience. One of the key features of LoveNestle BBW sex dolls is the ultra-soft silicone used. This ensures the indication of detailed skin lines and veins are clearly visible, adding to the overall authenticity of the dolls. One of the most popular BBW sex dolls, Vanessa, has a seductive bust size of almost J cup. This voluptuous bust size is sure to captivate you and take your sexual pleasure to new heights.

If You Love Lean Body Shape, Go for Skinny Sex Dolls

LoveNestle skinny sex dolls are meticulously crafted to embody the ideal physique for those who prefer a lean body type. With a slim and athletic build, these dolls have a well-defined waist and toned hips, creating a sleek and attractive look. Their slender physique makes them easy to maneuver and position in various sexual positions, allowing you to explore your fantasies easily.

LoveNestle believes no sex doll is complete without the perfect pair of boobs. Our skinny sex dolls feature squishy boobs that look stunning and feel incredibly realistic to the touch. With their soft and supple texture, these boobs provide the perfect combination of bounce and weight, allowing you to indulge in breast play and tit fucking without discomfort.

A LoveNestle Life Size Skinny Sex Doll Made of Ultra-Soft Silicone.

Ass Guy's Choice Big Ass Sex Dolls

If you prefer a big, round booty, LoveNestle has a variety of big ass sex doll options to satisfy your desires. These dolls feature ample backsides that are perfectly shaped and jiggle in all the right places. With their realistic textures and contours, they provide a lifelike experience that will make you feel like you're having sex with a real woman.

Most big ass sex dolls at LoveNestle are equipped with dual tunnels, giving you the option to pleasure yourself vaginally or anally. This dual pleasure feature adds an extra layer of satisfaction to your sexual experience, making it even more intense and enjoyable.

If you're on a budget but still want a lifelike big ass experience, LoveNestle has a great option with their mini big ass sex doll, Naomi. This doll features a smaller, more compact body while still maintaining a realistic big ass for you to enjoy. Whether you're a beginner or on a budget, Naomi is the perfect sex doll to satisfy your desires without breaking the bank.

Buy Sex Doll by Boob Type

LoveNestle high-quality Soft Gel Breasts

LoveNestle uses high-quality soft gel breasts for their sex dolls. These breasts are soft and realistic, providing a realistic and tactile experience. Gel Boobs are filled with Gel implants and wrapped with regular silicone. Compared to conventional gel boobs on the market, they provide you with an improved sense of touch and more affordable prices.

BBW Sex Doll Female Sex Doll Buy Sex Dolls

LoveNestle Exclusive Ultra-Soft Silicone LoveBoobs

LoveNestle also offers the exclusive Ultra-Soft Silicone LoveBoobs. These breasts are Ultra-realistic, with a soft and smooth texture. They provide an incredibly pleasurable experience for both the user and the sex doll.

LovesBoobs is dedicated to fulfilling your deepest desires by offering incredibly realistic and breathtakingly alluring amble breasts and exquisite cleavages that exceed your wildest fantasies. Our Ultra-Soft Loveboobs are made of the finest material, featuring UltraSoft Silicone and filled with our exclusive LoveNestle gel implants.

The size and thickness of the gel implants, as well as the thickness of the outer skin, play a crucial role in determining the softness and bounciness of the breasts. If the outer layer is too thick, the breasts may become too rigid for enjoyable play. On the other hand, a thin outer skin may compromise quality, leading to issues such as gel leakage or skin cracks. Our cutting-edge canning and molding technology allows us to make LoveBoobs' outer layer as thin as possible while still maintaining their bounciness.

Buy Sex Doll by Material Silicone Parade!

TPE used to be a common material for making sex dolls. While it offers several advantages, such as softness, flexibility, and affordability, it also has some drawbacks. One notable drawback is the tendency to fade over time, making it difficult to achieve an authentic appearance. Cleaning TPE sex dolls can also be challenging, as they are prone to staining and are difficult to maintain. 

Instead, silicone is now the most commonly used sex doll material. Silicone sex dolls are known for their realistic appearance. They look just like real human beings, with realistic facial features and body proportions. However, the softness of the penetration tunnels, boobs, and butts of silicone sex dolls falls short compared to TPE. Recognizing these limitations, LoveNestle has embarked on a journey to upgrade regular silicone. LoveNestle has developed our UltraSoft silicone, which addresses these shortcomings.

LoveNestle Ultra-Soft Silicone BBW Sex Doll

LoveNestle Ultra-Soft silicone is an innovative material that combines the realistic appearance of silicone with the softness of TPE. This breakthrough in technology has allowed us to create sex dolls that look and feel more life-like than ever before. The Ultra-Soft silicone provides a realistic softness and elasticity to the penetration tunnels, boobs, and butts, enhancing the sexual experience for both partners and providing a more satisfying and realistic experience.

In addition to our Ultra-Soft silicone, LoveNestle takes great pride in our attention to detail and craftsmanship. Each sex doll is carefully crafted to mimic the features and proportions of real human beings, resulting in a highly realistic and captivating experience. LoveNestle silicone sex dolls are designed to withstand the test of time, as they are made from high-quality materials and are built to last.

So, if you're looking for a sex doll that combines the realistic appearance of silicone with the softness of TPE, look no further than LoveNestle. Ultra-Soft silicone sex dolls are designed to provide the ultimate sexual experience, without compromising on realism or durability. Explore our collection today and find the perfect partner for life.

Buy Sex Dolls by Sex Positions

Missionary Sex Dolls

The missionary position is a beloved classic for a reason. It allows for a deep connection and intimate penetration. Our missionary sex dolls are designed to provide the utmost pleasure for both partners. With their realistic features and customizable options, you can explore endless possibilities and achieve an incredible orgasm.

Doggey Style Sex Dolls

If you're in the mood for a more primal and passionate experience, our doggy style sex dolls are the perfect choice. These dolls are anatomically correct, allowing for deep penetration and thrilling sensations. With their flexible skeletons, you can experiment with different angles and discover new ways to satisfy your sexual cravings.

Big Ass Sex Doll Naomi and Buy Sex Dolls

Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl Sex Dolls

For those seeking a more dominant or submissive role, we offer cowgirl and reverse cowgirl sex dolls. These dolls are designed to replicate the sensations of riding a real partner, allowing you to take control of the pace and depth of penetration. With realistic features and customizable options, you can create the perfect experience every time.

How to Buy Sex Dolls with Differeny Payment Methods at LoveNestle?

At LoveNestle, we understand that everyone has different preferences and needs when it comes to payment methods. That's why we offer various payment options to make it as easy as possible for our customers to purchase their dream sex doll. Whether you are using a credit or debit card, PayPal, or the latest Buy Now Pay Later option with Klarna, we have you covered.

Buy sex doll with different payment methods

Buy Sex Dolls with Credit and Debit Cards

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Your financial information is encrypted and secure, ensuring that your privacy is protected.

Buy Sex Dolls with PayPal

PayPal is a popular online payment method that offers convenience and security. If you have a PayPal account, you can easily complete your purchase using your account balance, linked credit or debit card, or even a linked bank account.

Buy a Sex Doll with Klarna

LoveNestle is thrilled to announce our partnership with Klarna, a convenient and flexible payment solution. With Klarna, you can now buy your dream sex doll now and pay later. This payment option allows you to split your payment into smaller installments, making it easier to manage your budget.

By choosing Klarna as your payment method, you can enjoy the sex doll of your dreams now and pay at your convenience. Klarna offers a simple and secure checkout process, and you can easily manage your installments through their website.

FAQs about How to Buy Sex Dolls

Yes, all sex dolls are shipped discreetly if buy sex dolls at LoveNestle. We understand that privacy and discretion are crucial when it comes to personal matters, especially sexual products. If possible, we suggest you add a signature service to your courier company and make sure you are at home when your package is delivered. The other way to receive a package discreetly is to make an appointment for store pick-up. Please note you have to pick up your package ASAP when it is arrived at the pick up store otherwise there is possibility that Fedex or UPS may return your package.

Regular silicone and Ultra-Soft silicone are two different types ofsilicone that are commonly used in the production of sex dolls. Regular silicone is a high-quality silicone that is known for its firmness and durability. It is often used in the manufacturing of sex dolls due to its ability to provide a realistic and lifelike experience. Regular silicone provides a firm and substantial boob texture, which some people may prefer. If you prefer a boob feel that is perky and firm, regular silicone may be the better option for you.

On the other hand, Ultra-Soft silicone offers a softer and more malleable texture compared to regular silicone. It is designed to provide a squishy and pliant boob experience, for those who prefer a more tactile sensation. Ultra-Soft silicone offers a unique and distinct feel, offering a more sensual and intimate experience. If you prefer a boob texture that is softer and more pillowy, Ultra-Soft silicone may be the better choice for you.

For more information about best sex doll material please click here.

Yes, in stock sex dolls are available for purchase. These dolls are designed to be shipped and delivered to customers quickly, making them a budget-friendly option. Unlike customized sex dolls, which require a longer delivery time due to their unique design, in stock dolls are readily available for immediate purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing a customized sex doll, please visit our website and select the dolls that do not have a ready to ship symbol on the product cover image. These dolls are eligible for customization, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind sex toy tailored to your preferences.

It is important to note that customized sex dolls do require more time to design and manufacturer. However, we believe that the time and effort involved in creating a custom sex doll are well worth it, as it ensures that the doll meets your exact specifications and desires.

Yes, you can add accessories to in stock sex dolls!

Some popular accessories include:

1. Silicone Dildo: If you have a doll with a vagina or anus tunnel longer than 15 cm, you can add a silicone dildo to enhance your pleasure and provide additional stimulation. Please note that the dildo must be compatible with your doll’s opening.

2. Sexy Lingerie: Dress your sex doll in sexy lingerie to add a touch of glamour and sensuality to your bedroom play. We offer a wide range of lingerie options in various styles and colors to suit your taste. Remember to store the sex doll in the lingerie for limited periods to prevent pigmentation.

3. Belly Piercing: Belly piercings are an exciting accessory that can give your sex doll a unique and edgy appearance. We offer a range of belly piercing options, including belly button rings and nipple piercings. Please note that piercings are not intended for long-term wear and should be carefully removed and stored when not in use.

Please note that all LoveNestle sex dolls are made of high-quality silicone that holds color well. However, it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to dark color lingerie to prevent discoloration.

When selecting lingerie for your sex doll, it is crucial to consider proportions and size. Consider choosing lingerie that enhances her curves and highlights her most attractive features, creating a truly captivating and alluring look.

1. Tie-Up Bikini Style Lingerie: Tie-up bikini style lingerie is excellent for your sex doll. This style allows for adjustable straps or ties, ensuring that the lingerie can be tailored and customized to fit the doll’s proportions perfectly. This flexibility allows for precise fitting and ensures your doll looks stunning in any lingerie ensemble.

2. Lighter Colors: To prevent any potential staining on your sex doll torso, it is recommended to choose lingerie in light colors. Darker colors may absorb and transfer the pigment to the doll’s skin, resulting in visible marks or discoloration. By choosing lighter colors, you minimize the chances of this happening. Light shades of pink, white, or neutral hues are less likely to cause any unwanted staining, ensuring that your doll remains pristine and beautiful.