Shop a wide selection of sex dolls at affordable prices. Find your perfect companion within your budget with our range of price options. Whether you’re looking for a high-end luxury doll or a more budget-friendly option, we have something for everyone. Explore our collection and discover the perfect doll to fulfill your fantasies. With varying price points, you can choose the doll that suits your preferences and budget. From realistic features to high-quality materials, our sex dolls offer a lifelike experience at a price that works for you. Start browsing now and find the perfect sex doll at the right price.

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LoveNestle Best Sellers by Sex Doll Prices

Sex Doll prices

Love Dolls Above $800

The price of oriental love dolls can vary depending on various factors, including the quality and features of the doll. Generally, love dolls that are priced above $800 are considered premium products. These dolls are typically made of high-quality materials and offer advanced features to enhance the user experience. They are designed to be realistic and anatomically accurate, providing a lifelike experience for adult pleasure.

Higher-end sex dolls may also come with customization options, allowing individuals to personalize their appearance according to their preferences. Additionally, these dolls may have undergone rigorous quality control processes to ensure durability and longevity. While the price of a sex doll above $800 may seem high to some, it is an investment that often provides a long-lasting and satisfactory sexual experience.

Real Sex Doll Prices: $500-$800

The price range for real girl sex dolls is typically between $500 and $800. These dolls are designed to provide a realistic sexual experience for individuals who may not have a partner or simply desire to explore their fantasies. Made from high-quality materials, these dolls are designed to look and feel like real humans. They come with customizable features, allowing individuals to choose the physical appearance, body type, and skin tone of their ideal partner.

Additionally, adult dolls offer a range of sexual positions and provide a source of companionship and emotional support. However, it is important to note that sex dolls are not a substitute for human interaction and should always be used responsibly and ethically.

Sex Doll Prices $500-800
Sex Doll

Love Doll Price $300-$500

The price of love dolls ranges from $300 to $500. These adult dolls are designed to provide companionship and sexual stimulation for individuals. They are commonly made from silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), both materials that feel similar to human skin. Love dolls come in various body types, sizes, and configurations, allowing individuals to choose the one that best meets their preferences.

The price range varies depending on the quality of the doll, its features, and the customization options offered. While $300 may seem affordable, it is essential to consider the long-term value of the product. Higher-end love dolls may cost more but provide a more realistic experience and more durable construction. Ultimately, the cost of a love doll should be weighed against the potential benefits it offers in terms of emotional well-being and sexual satisfaction.

Low Price Sex Dolls $100-$300

Low price sex dolls are an affordable option for individuals looking to explore their sexual fantasies without breaking the bank. These dolls come in various body types and sizes, allowing buyers to select the one that best meets their preferences. With prices ranging from $100-$300, these dolls offer a realistic and lifelike experience without breaking the bank. Whether it's for solo pleasure or couples play, afforadable sex dolls provide an affordable and convenient way to enhance your sexual experiences.

How to Choose by Sex Doll Price

Sex Doll with or without Stainless Steel Skeleton

A high-quality skeleton is essential for the flexibility and stability of the best sex dolls. Low-quality skeletons can break easily or rust over time, leading to disappointing experiences. At LoveNetle, all popular sex dolls are constructed with high-quality skeletons. These skeletons are designed to withstand various sex positions and provide a stable and pleasurable experience, whether missionary, doggey style, or even upside down. The best sex dolls at LoveNestle are sure to leave you wanting for more.

Sex Doll Above $800 Vanessa (2)
Life Size Mega Olivia Sex Doll Above $800

Sex Doll Ergonomic Love Hole Placement

When it comes to choosing the perfect sex doll, understanding the different love hole placements is crucial. These placements can have a significant impact on both the pleasure and satisfaction experienced during sexual activity. LoveNestle best sex dolls are specifically designed to be anatomically correct, providing you with the most satisfying sexual experience. These dolls are crafted to accurately replicate the anatomy of a real woman, including the appropriate love hole placements. This ensures that you can enjoy the most authentic and intimate interaction possible.

Why Choose LoveNestle Sex Doll By Prices

LoveNestle's dolls are made of all silicone, giving you the most realistic skin texture. We are the first brand to use ultra-soft silicone material on sex doll torsos. You can enjoy the realistic sensation and super soft boobs and butts at the same time.

We gave up the cheap TPE material. While using more expensive silicone materials, we offer the lowest price in the silicone market in order to give everyone a great silicone experience.

LoveNestle sex doll takes the hassle of cleaning and storage out of it. You can simply place her in an inconspicuous place. Don't worry that the size of the doll will give you any trouble.


Silicone Sex Doll Prices FAQs

 TPERegular SiliconeUltra-Soft Silicone
AppearanceLess RealisticRelatively RealisticStrikingly Realistic
Physical ExperienceGoodAverageOut of the World!!
MaintenanceHigh MaintenanceLow MaintenanceLow Maintenance


Due to sex doll price differences, mini dolls with limited space can’t have anus channels and skeletons. All other dolls have a stainless steel skeleton and an anus channel.


Many sex doll lovers often have a difficult decision to make when it comes to choosing the best material for their sex dolls. On one hand, TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is incredibly soft to the touch, but it’s difficult to take care of and the body paint is not realistic. On the other hand, silicone is much easier to take care of and the paint is more realistic, but it’s not as soft and is also more expensive.

We come up with a revolutionary and trailblazing solution, our exclusive Ultra-Soft Silicone, which combined all the strengths and improved all the drawbacks of TPE and silicone materials. Our Ultra-Soft Silicone is much softer than regular silicone and can even reach the softness of TPE. LoveNestle applies the most cutting-edge body painting and human scanning techniques, dedicated to complete restoration of human skin characteristics, to provide you with a luscious and velvety skin feel. Moreover, Ultra-Soft Silicone is used in our anal and vaginal tunnels, which tingle your nerves and envelop your cock with a sensation of mystifying sexual profundity.

Moreover, Ultra-Soft Silicone has improved elasticity, making it possible to create solid, oversized, voluptuous breasts, like N Cup breasts. Try the LoveBoobs and LoveAss options, which are made of Love Nestle’s exclusive Ultra-Soft Silicone material, and filled with innovative Soft-Gel formula. With LoveBoobs and LoveAss, we send you to the Land of Femina where allows you to experience mind-blowing shaking effects that vividly cloned natural human boobs and ass. For boob and ass fanatics, get ready to show off your magnificent masculinity with our LoveBoobs and LoveAss!

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