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Sexopedia is brought to you by LoveNestle, a renowned sex doll torso brand. With a team of skilled content writers and sex health experts, we aim to provide you with reliable, informative, and unbiased content to enhance your understanding of sexual well-being.

Whether you’re seeking advice on intimate relationships, curious about sexual health, or simply looking for some fun facts behind the intriguing world of the adult industry, Sexopedia has something for everyone. Each biweekly episode will delve into various topics, shedding light on various aspects and unraveling the mysteries surrounding human sexuality.

Show Hosts

Sarah Gibson

LoveNestle Digital Marketer

Sarah is a professional digital marketer in the adult toy industry. She will invite many professionals to make an appearance on the show, including professional sexologists, urology doctors, and pornstars. A truly enriching experience awaits you with her insightful commentary and deep knowledge of the market.

John Fisher

LoveNestle Product Designer

John is a sex toy designer with a keen eye for detail and tons of innovative ideas. John's expertise lies in crafting unique and intimate experiences through the art of toy design and sex doll body type sketch. His creativity and passion for his craft will provide valuable insights into the ever-evolving world of sex toys.

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