We Can Make Your Fantasies and Requests Come True!

At LoveNestle, It's easy to make your own sex doll torsos! We are the manufacturer, and we have the ability to fulfill your requests. LoveNestle are striving hard to be your premier destination for customizable sex dolls. We understand that everyone's desires and preferences are unique, which is why we offer a request form on this page for your sex doll custom.

Here is the Process of Customizing Your Sex Doll:

1. Tell Us Your Needs

Start by providing your needs, whether it's skin color, body type, length of tunnel, or even putting a pair of wings on her!

If you have a fetish in legs, we can make the lower half of her! (Spoiler Alert!) We are currently making leg torsos. In the near future, we will provide customers with options to purchase leg torsos (with vaginas, of course).

If you want 1:1 real-life sex doll torsos of someone or yourself, you will need to go to a 3D scanning company and send us the data. (Sometime nude scan makes people uncomfortable. We Understand! A scan in a corset will also provide us with the data we need.) Oh! Of course, if you provide us with photos or circumference data (Measurements of bust, waist and hips), we can also make the sex doll you need!

2. Modeling & Building

Once we receive your request, we will build the 3D model of your sex doll. 3D modeling can basically make any shape you want! LoveNestle team will send you a preview of the model so you can give us feedback and make any necessary changes. This process might take some time, but it is definitely worth waiting!

Once you are happy with the design, we will start confirming the skin tone, materials, public hair, and everything else with you. After we get your final approval, we will start the manufacturing process!

Note: Creating a new mold will cost approximately $5,000 (USD).

Design and Sketch

If you are curious about how our sex dolls are made, check our factory page to see a detailed procedure for your sex doll manufacturer.

The whole process usually takes around 4–6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design. Once it's finished, we will ship the doll to your address.

Custom Request Form
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