Why do I love boobs? This is how you are wired!!

When it comes to sex, boobs are often seen as a key part of the sexual experience for men. Studies have found that the sight of a woman’s breasts can cause an instant physiological response in a man, which can be incredibly arousing. For many men, the sight of a woman’s breasts can be comforting and reassuring, representing a sense of maternity and security.

Men’s DNA is designed to be crazy about women’s boobs. Anthropologist Owen Lovejoy argued that evolution had put a bull’s eye around both female and male reproductive organs to promote pair bonding. From an evolutionary perspective, this makes sense, as breasts are a visible sign of a woman’s fertility. Men are drawn to breasts to choose a mate who is likely to produce healthy offspring and, in turn, ensure the survival of their genetic line.

The sight, feel, and taste of feminine breasts can be incredibly pleasurable and can be heightened during sex.

What Are LoveNestle Gel Boobs?

LoveNestle Gel Boobs are filled with Gel implants and wrapped with regular silicone.

Compared to conventional gel boobs, our Gel Boobs provide an improved sense of touch and more affordable prices. Most gel breasts on the market are rubbery and waxy because they are made of cheap silicone. Additionally, conventional gel breasts are unrealistic due to gel implants, and some may even produce a hollow noise when squeezing and fondling.

LoveNestle Gel Boobs ensure the regular silicone layer tightly adheres to the gel implants to provide a sensual sex experience and relatively satisfying shaking effects. 

LoveNestle Gel Boobs

What Are LoveNestle Ultra-Soft LoveBoobs?

Ultr-Soft LovesBoobs(LoveBoobs) strives to provide stunningly realistic amble breasts and beautiful cleavages beyond your wildest dreams. Our Loveboobs are made from UltraSoft Silicone and filled with LoveNeste’s exclusive gel implants.

Sex Doll Ultra-Soft LoveBoobs

What is Ultra-Soft Silicone?

LoveNestle’s Ultra-soft silicone is the pinnacle of silicone innovation, combining the best features of TPE and regular silicone. With their exclusive UltraSoft Silicone, LoveNestle offers an unrivaled experience, providing exceptional realism, softness, and satisfaction.

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Boob softness and bounciness will be affected by the size of the Gel implants and the outer skin’s thickness. A thick outer skin will make the breasts too stiff to play with. A thin outer skin, however, may result in quality issues, such as gel leakage or skin cracks.

With LoveNestle’s cutting-edge canning and molding technology, you can enjoy cloud-like softness and bouncy boob bounce through caressing and tity fucking. The outer skin and the exclusive gel filler are impeccably blended to create the touch of delicate skin and more realistic boob shape. Ultra-Soft Loveboobs undulate enticingly like a gentle wave. Their plush, pillowy softness caresses your skin and penis like a whisper. They make the perfect companion for a night of passion. Let LoveBoos take your feelings from suspicion to excitement, enchantment, and unparalleled ecstasy.

Unique Features of Ultra-Soft LoveBoobs:

  • The Ultra-Soft LoveBoobs mimic natural female breasts in every possible way, such as blood vessel paint, human skin texture, and natural areola .
  • Ultra-Soft LoveBoobs’ cloud-like softness will envelop your dick tightly and gently. A pleasant tity intercourse with LoveBoobs is a good remedy for a long, hard day.
  • Ultra-Soft LoveBoobs is a must-have option for all boob shapes. LoveBoobs in small sizes are perky and firm, while LoveBoobs in large sizes are luscious and bouncy.
  • With Ultra-Soft Love Boobs, you get more bang for your buck! They are more affordable than other comparable sex dolls and are crafted with superior quality and realism.

Note: The Ultra-Soft Loveboob may be prone to damage if too much pressure is applied.

Breast Types Silicone Boobs

Gel Boobs

Ultra-Soft Loveboobs




Elascity 👍👍👍 👍👍👍👍


Durability 👍👍👍👍👍 👍👍👍👍


Realistic Rating 👍👍👍👍 👍👍👍👍


Here are examples of comparison GIFS showing the huge difference between regular gel breasts and LoveBoobs.
Sex Doll Regular Boobs

 Gel Boobs

Sex Doll Ultra-Soft LoveBoobs

Ultra-soft LoveBoobs

Soft Gel Boobs or Ultra-Soft Love Boobs? Which is the best for you?

The softness of Soft Gel Boobs falls between solid silicone and Ultra-Soft LoveBoobs, providing a superior tactile and squeezing experience compared to TPE. The best part is, we offer this option for free. So, if you’re on a limited budget, our Soft Gel Boobs regular silicone + gel breast option is your ideal choice.

The Ultra-Soft LoveBoobs offer a much more realistic look, mind-blowing shaking effects, and silky skin touch. For those who enjoy tity intercourse, you will be well-advised to choose the LoveBoob Option. Ultra-Soft Loveboobs tremble enticingly like warm waves when you spank them. They are the perfect shape for fondling, caressing, squeezing, and tity intercourse. No one can resist their invitingly soft curves. Imagine burying your face between two swollen, round breasts, sucking on them incessantly, and experiencing the ultimate pleasure of being on the verge of suffocation.There is nothing like the ultra-soft LoveBoobs that will leave you wanting more.

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LoveNestle Sex Doll Breast Size

LoveNestle sex doll torso has multiple sizes of boobs to cater to your needs.

Huge Boobs Sex Doll Torso 

How does it feel to use a sex doll with huge tits?

Having sex with a huge titty sex doll can be an incredibly pleasurable experience. The feeling of the material against your skin can be quite soft and smooth, providing the sensation of making love to a real person. The doll’s small size can be a major turn-on, allowing you to explore her body in ways that would be impossible with a human partner. The doll’s big titties can be very stimulating, providing an incredibly arousing unique sensation.

Medium Breasts Sex Doll Torso

How doe it feel to have sex with a medium-breast sex doll?

Having sex with a medium-breast sex doll can be a thrilling and unique experience. You can explore your desires without any resistance and enjoy the sensation of the medium size of the doll’s breasts. Medium-breast sex dolls are usually lighter compared to large boobs sex dolls. Besides, medium tity sex dolls are generally more affordable compared to large boobs sex dolls. So if you are looking for something at a beginner level, Jasmine, Jessica, and Madison are available.

Following images show the breast sizes of dolls compared to an iPhone 14 Pro and the hand of a 5′ 11″ man.

Please refer to the LoveNestle Doll Comparison for detailed size information besides the chest size.

FAQs About Sex Doll Breasts

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone are the two common materials used to make sex dolls. The strengths and defects of TPE and Silicone are usually regarded as rivaling counterparts, and it is challenging to outweigh one over the other.

TPE Boobs:

Sex dolls are made of TPE material, are often more affordable, and have soft breasts. However, one drawback is that the body paint on TPE dolls, including the areola, may fade over time. Additionally, TPE sex dolls can be more challenging to clean and are prone to getting dirty.

Regular Silicone Boobs:

Silicone is a highly durable and premium material known for its realistic look and long lifespan. Silicone dolls typically have more intricate details and smoother textures, providing a lifelike appearance. It’s worth noting that regular silicone breasts offer a firmer feel, which may not be ideal for those seeking softer and more supple breasts.

When it comes to sex doll breast options, there are generally three types available on the market: solid breasts, hollow breasts, and gel breasts. Each type has its own features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Solid breasts, made of standard TPE or Silicone material. They are typically used for A and B cup sizes, providing a perky and firm appearance. However, they may be less soft and elastic compared to hollow and gel breasts.

Hollow breasts are air-filled, making them softer and lighter than solid breasts. They are suitable for larger breast sizes and offer a softer and bouncier feel. However, they are prone to breakage and sagging, which is why some manufacturers choose not to produce dolls with hollow breasts.

Gel breasts, filled with jelly or gel material, provide the most realistic and soft-to-the-touch experience. They are designed to mimic real body fat and are ideal for achieving a realistic feel in a sex doll torso. That’s why LoveNestle offers two gel-filled breasts for our customers.