LoveNestle is an international team that specializes in producing high-quality sex toys. With headquarters in Hongkong, factory bases in Guangdong Province, an office in Dublin, and warehouses across North America and Europe, LoveNestle is well-positioned to meet the needs of customers around the globe.

Our factory has over ten years of expertise in producing sex toys, and we use a fully automated production system to avoid possible mistakes from human operation. This ensures that every product we make meets our high standards of quality and reliability.

Trust LoveNestle to Deliver the Quality and Reliability

Each LoveNestle torso undergoes 3 strict quality checks before leaving the factory.

All semi-finished products will be checked for skeleton stability, silicone canning integrity, and scrapped if any defects are discovered.

During the second quality inspection process, our production team will focus on checking the neatness of the product; once fuzzy edges are discovered, the product must be returned to the workshop for further trimming and cleaning.

Last but not least, our staff will inspect every detail of each product, including its outer skin, tunnels, packaging and shipping address, to ensure that each LoveNestle fan receives it in perfect condition.

The Journey of a LoveNestle Sex Doll Torso


Design & Sketch

Every LoveNestle sex doll torso has a life of its own. We start by designing the character, not the sex doll!! Because we value your visual experience. For instance, a horny divorcee sex doll usually has big breasts and darker vagina, while a submissive young college graduate doll usually comes with a pinky flat vagina and perky boobs.

Design and Sketch

Carving & Shaping

Once our designer finalized the character and its image. Our professional sculptor, with expertise in carving models for years, will start to carve the body of your sex doll torso and shape it to a visually appealing shape.

Carving and Shaping

Skeleton Assembly & Moulding

Then we assemble the stainless steel skeleton and prepare moulding equipment for your sex doll torso. LoveNestle’s stainless steel ensures the joints and leg movement are smooth, flexible, and durable. Then we use our exclusive automated molding technology to shape the Ultra-Soft silicone into an alluring sex doll torso.

Skeleton Assembly and Moulding

Trimming & Maintenance

After the sex doll torso is released from the mould, we carefully edges and little imperfections on the outer skin.

Trimming and Maintenance

Artistic Body Painting

We are proud to be the first company to apply artistic painting to silicone materials. Our team of makeup experts and professional artists have the skills and expertise to draw a 1:1 real-life replica of the skin texture and then paint it in accordance with the character characteristics and age attributes designed by the product designer.

Artistic Body Painting

Stringent Quality Inspection

LoveNestle’s Quality Inspection Panel will inspect each doll thoroughly. Every joint, every stitch, every material, and every component will be closely examined to ensure it meets our strict standards.

Stringent Quality Inspection