Welcome to LoveNestle, your premier destination for premium silicone sex dolls. In this season of blossoming beauty and renewal, we’re excited to offer a selection of ready-to-ship, in-stock sex dolls for immediate fulfillment, enhancing your shopping experience with the vibrant spirit of summer.

Enjoy a delightful 15% discount on all our in-stock sex dolls. Perfect for those seeking a lifelike companion or exploring new fantasies, our collection is designed to satisfy your desires with unmatched precision and care, mirroring the vibrant energy of summer.

Celebrate summer’s abundant vitality and the renewal it brings with the exquisite quality of a silicone sex doll from LoveNestle. Make this season unforgettable with a gift that promises both pleasure and companionship, infused with the seductive essence of summer’s heat.

We currently have warehouses in the United States, EU, and Canada. If you want to receive the goods within a week, please place an order from Sex Doll USA, Sex Doll EU and Sex Doll Canada.(Non-above areas if the purchase of stock dolls, can only be shipped from the factory, need to pay additional fees.)

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Big Boob Mini In Stock Sex Doll Veronica

Get ready to satisfy your desires with Veronica, a beginner-friendly mini in stock sex doll with big boobs. With her jiggly LoveBoobs, she is perfect for titty intercourse and is sure to satisfy your every fantasy.

With her light body weight, you can bring her with you when going on a trip, ensuring that you always stay entertained and satisfied. Veronica is waiting for you to explore her extraordinary features and unleash your wildest desires.

Anime Sex Doll In Stock Yuki

Yuki, an anime sex doll in stock, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Made from Ultra-Soft Silicone, Yuki boasts incredibly realistic skin texture and body paint.

With her natural bell boobs designed for squeezing, Yuki offers an unparalleled sensory experience. Indulge in the pleasure of her soft touch with world wide free shipping now!

BBW Sex Dolls In Stock Vanessa

Vanessa is the ultimate BBW sex doll with almost J cup breasts. LoveNestle's Ultra-Soft silicone make her huge tits exceedingly jiggly and squishy. Take advantage of LoveNestle's world wide free shipping to get your silicone BBW sex doll now!

Life Size In Stock Sex Doll Savannah

Savannah is sex doll guru's choice, she is modeled out of real life porn star. Her slender waist and voluptuous butt is mersmerizing. With LoveNestle's warehouse in USA and Europe, Savannah can be delivered to your door step in a week!

How to Choose In Stock Sex Dolls?

Choose Silicone In Stock Sex Dolls ONLY

In stock sex dolls are pre-made and readily available for purchase, often stored in a warehouse.When it comes to choosing in stock sex dolls, silicone sex dolls are the ideal choice. TPE sex dolls, while popular, may not suit the needs of those who want a low-maintenance option. Silicone sex dolls are known for their durability and ability to maintain their original shape and texture over time. Unlike TPE sex dolls, which tend to yield oil due to their porous structure, silicone sex dolls are oil-free, making them easier to clean and maintain their integrity.

new sex dolls in stock sex doll

Budget-friendly Sex Dolls In Stock

Another advantage of selecting in stock silicone sex dolls is their affordability. LoveNestle offers a range of in stock sex dolls that cater to different budgets. With our mini in stock sex doll torso, Naomi, starting from just $217, you can enjoy a fulfilling sexual experience without breaking the bank.

In Stock Sex Doll Fast Shipping

If you are in a hurry and want to get your sex dolls quickly, choosing in stock sex dolls is the optimal option. These dolls are shipped directly from the LoveNestle factory, ensuring a quick and streamlined process. For North America residents, shipping usually takes between 7-12 days from the LoveNestle factory. LoveNestle also offers in stock sex dolls from its warehouses located in North America and Europe. These dolls are also shipped quickly and typically reach you in around 7 days.

FAQs about In Stock Sex Dolls

Yes, you can add accessories to in stock sex dolls! LoveNestle offers a wide range of accessories to enhance your experience and tailor your sex doll to your preferences. Some popular accessories include:

  1. Silicone Dildo: If you have a doll with a vagina or anus tunnel longer than 15 cm, you can add a silicone dildo to enhance your pleasure and provide additional stimulation. Please note that the dildo must be compatible with your doll’s opening.
  2. Sexy Lingerie: Dress your sex doll in sexy lingerie to add a touch of glamour and sensuality to your bedroom play. We offer a wide range of lingerie options in various styles and colors to suit your taste. Remember to store the sex doll in the lingerie for limited periods to prevent pigmentation.

Note: While all LoveNestle sex dolls are made of high-quality silicone that holds color well, it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to dark color lingerie to prevent discoloration

Yes, we understand the importance of discretion when it comes to sex dolls. Your sex doll in stock will be shipped in a plain brown box with no identifying marks or logos. No one will know what’s inside the box, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind.

Enjoy your LoveNestle sex doll and make the most of your intimate moments!

Currently, LoveNestle does not offer customization options for its in stock sex dolls. The reason for that is that in stock sex dolls are specifically designed to be shipped and delivered to customers as quickly as possible. Customization tends to extend the delivery time as it requires a longer period to design and manufacturer a custom sex doll.

However, we understand that everyone has their own unique preferences and fantasies when it comes to sex dolls. That’s why we strive to meet our customers’ needs by offering the option to customize sex dolls. Our customized sex dolls are designed and crafted to meet your specific requirements.

To customize a sex doll, please visit our website and select the dolls that do not have a ready to ship symbol on the product cover image. These dolls are eligible for customization, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind sex toy tailored to your needs and desires.

Please note that customized sex dolls do require additional time to manufacture and deliver. However, we believe that the time and effort involved in creating a custom sex doll are well worth it, as it ensures that the doll meets your exact specifications and desires.

To ensure prompt and secure delivery, LoveNestle partners with both UPS and Fedex. These reputable courier companies have extensive experience in handling sensitive products and understand the importance of discretion. They use advanced tracking technology and regularly update customers on the status of their shipments.

To ensure the longevity of your sex doll, it is important to store it properly. Here are a few tips for storing your LoveNestle in stock sex doll:

  1. Hanging: We recommend hanging your sex doll using a hanger specifically designed for sex dolls. This will prevent any sagging or deformation of the boob and ass areas. Simply hang the doll by its neck.
  2. Underneath the Bed: Another storage option is to place your love doll underneath your bed. However, ensure that the area is covered to prevent the doll from getting dust or debris.
  3. Closet: If you prefer to keep your sex doll out of sight, a closet can be a convenient place to store it. Just make sure the doll is securely stored and out of the reach of children or pets.

Remember, storing your sex doll properly will help maintain its quality and extend its lifespan.

Click here to learn more about sex doll storage and maintenance.

LoveNestle offers a wide range of in stock sex dolls that are shipped from warehouses in Europe and North America. This allows us to provide fast and efficient delivery to customers in different regions.

By having warehouses in both Europe and North America, LoveNestle ensures that customers have access to a wide range of sex dolls regardless of their location. This allows for a seamless shopping experience and ensures that customers can receive the dolls in a timely manner.

Choosing the right lingerie for your in stock sex doll is a crucial step in enhancing the visual appeal and overall experience. By following these tips, you can choose the perfect lingerie for your medium breast sex doll:

  1. Opt for a Tied-Up Bikini: A tie-up bikini style lingerie is an excellent choice for your sex doll. This style allows for adjustable straps or ties, ensuring that the lingerie can be tailored and customized to fit the doll’s proportions perfectly.
  2. Light Color Choice: To prevent any potential staining on your sex doll torso, it is recommended to choose lingerie in light colors. Darker colors may absorb and transfer the pigment to the doll’s skin, resulting in visible marks or discoloration. By choosing lighter colors, you minimize the chances of this happening.