Are you looking for a discreet and secure way to store your sex doll? Look no further than our cutting-edge storage solutions. Our team of experts has designed a range of products specifically to keep your sex doll in pristine condition, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind.

Protect your sex doll and your privacy with LoveNestle storage options. Shop now and find the perfect storage solution for your sex doll.

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Sex Doll Storage Tips

Sex Doll Storage Hooker

Hanger Racks

The most obvious choice of sex doll storage might be in your closet. This is where you can hang the torsos on special racks and close the door, so it’s not visible to anyone who walks into the room. If your closet comes with a lock, this will be the perfect solution to privacy issues.

Hanging your doll in an upright position is one of the safest ways for sex doll storage, as the toy doesn’t touch anything and there is a minimal risk of damage. You can purchase special hooks that allow you to hang the doll. This might be an effective solution if your doll doesn’t fit in your closet.

LoveNestle provides sex doll M8 hook and M16 hook, meaning hanger racks could be one of your storage solutions.

Dust Bag & Garment Bags

In order to protect your doll from dust, pathogens, changes in humidity, and extreme light conditions, we recommend that you purchase a sex doll storage bag.

You can place the doll inside such a bag and put it in other locations. The critical thing is that you’re placing a protection layer on the doll so it doesn't contact the environment.

LoveNestle Sex Doll Storage Bag
Sex Doll Storage Flight Case

Traveling Bags & Flight Cases

If your travel bag is big enough, it will be the perfect place to store your dolls. Who will rummage through your personal belongings? The travel bag not only creates a dust-proof environment but also maintains privacy.

Using a flight case to store your sex doll is also a great way to keep it in top condition and to ensure that it is properly cared for. Not only does it provide protection from the elements and keep the doll clean and free from dust and dirt, but it also helps to contain any odors and keep it from being exposed to direct sunlight.

Sex Doll Storage Location

Under the Bed or Sofa

Storing a sex doll under the bed or sofa is an ideal way to make sure your doll is out of sight and out of mind for those who may not be so comfortable with the idea. It also provides a discreet and secure way to keep the doll safe and sound.

Sex doll storage sofa ensures that the doll is out of the way and not in the way of everyday activities. It also allows for easy access, enabling you to quickly and conveniently get your doll when you are ready to use it.

Sex Doll storage sofa
Sex Doll Stoarge basement

Your Basement

Storing sex dolls in the basement is a great way to keep them out of sight and away from prying eyes. Basements tend to be much darker than the rest of the house, which can help to preserve the integrity of the dolls for much longer. Additionally, basement storage also protects the dolls from dust and other debris. This makes it easier to keep them clean and well-maintained. Finally, storing sex dolls in the basement can help to keep them away from children and other family members who may not be comfortable with them.

Store It in a Shipping Box

Still having trouble with storage? If you don’t want to make any special adjustments and invest in additional storage equipment, you can keep your doll in its shipping box. The advisable practice is to wrap the doll up in some delicate blanket or dust bag. Then, put it in a box after playing and cleaning.

The shipping box can be stored under your bed, in the closet, or anywhere else, as long as it’s not exposed to potential damage.

Sex Doll Shipping Shipping Box

Sex Doll Storage Q&A

  1. Please avoid storing sex dolls in direct sunlight to prevent discoloration.
  2. Do not store the chest and buttocks directly downward to avoid long-term pressure.
  • Please avoid using abrasive soaps or any harsh cleaning tools.
  • Pointy or harsh materials will scratch your sex doll.
  • Too much pressure may damage the skin or skeleton.
  • Do not apply any products that contain alcohol, which is very drying.

Although silicone sex dolls are renowned for their toughness and longevity, even these dolls are susceptible to rips and damages over time. Fortunately, these damages can be quickly repaired with Silicone Sex Doll Repair Glue. Your silicone sex doll may look as good as new by using the adhesive, which is simple to use and offers a durable repair.

LoveNestle understands that cleaning can be a tedious process. To make life easier, all of our products are made from either silicone or Ultra-Soft silicone, so you can be assured that your LoveNestle product is easy to keep clean and looks as good as new. Here are the maintenance steps for keeping your LoveNestle product in top condition:

Step 1: Rinse any dust or dirt particles with warm water before cleaning.

Step 2: Use a mild dish soap or detergent when cleaning the product.

The typical lifespan of a doll depends on a number of variables, including usage patterns, maintenance requirements, and frequency of use. The lifespan of the doll can be extended with proper use and maintenance, while it can be reduced with rough handling and insufficient care.

Although silicone sex dolls are normally not prone to pigmentation, they could get discolored if they are painted with oil paints or other cosmetics. Additionally, it is okay to utilize your sex doll while dressed in dark attire.

When using a silicone sex doll, it’s important to choose the right type of lubricating fluid to ensure your doll stays in good condition. Water-based lubricants are highly recommended as they are easy to clean up and will not harm the silicone material.

On the other hand, you should avoid using oil-based, petroleum-based, or silicone-based lubricants, as they can potentially damage the material of your sex doll. Using water-based lubricants is safe not just for silicone sex dolls but also for other sex toy materials. They are widely available in most drugstores and sex toy shops.

To sum up, to keep your silicone sex doll in great condition, it’s crucial to use a water-based lubricant. You should avoid using other types of lubricants that can damage your sex doll’s material.

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