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Which Is The Best Sex Doll For You?

Struggling to choose between Tantaly and LoveNestle? Here’s what this comparison review is for! Although these two leading sex doll brands come with different options and materials, let’s figure out which one will bring you more benefits according to your needs.

Some general information to start with:

LoveNestle Silicone vs Tantaly TPE

LoveNestle uses silicone only, while Tantaly uses only TPE.

TPE is a soft material that can be squeezed, however it has some limitations. Dark pigments can quickly tarnish it, and body paint is not realistic or durable. TPE sex dolls are challenging to clean due to its porous structure and skin oil secrete. Compared to TPE, silicone dolls have better visual realism. They have extended lifespans, durable body paint, are heat resistant, and are easy to clean and preserve. LoveNestle’s exclusive Ultra-Soft Silicone offers a level of softness that surpasses regular silicone, allowing the boob and butt areas to be soft and squishy.

Tantaly Sex Doll on the left and LoveNestle Sex Doll on the right.

An image taken by a user who has a Tantaly and a LoveNestle sex doll.

LoveBoobs vs TantaBosom

Signature boobs of these leading sex doll brands compared

Both Tantabosom and LoveBoobs have their own set of features and benefits. Tantabosom offers a TPE outer skin combined with gel filling, providing a squishy feel and a smooth experience. LoveBoobs, on the other hand, offers Ultra-Soft silicone combined with exclusive gel implants, allowing for a more realistic appearance and customization options. Ultimately, the choice between Tantabosom and LoveBoobs depends on individual preferences and the desired level of realism.





Main Differences Between LoveNestle and Tantaly

Essential Elements of these leading sex doll brands compared

Level of Realism

  • LoveNestle
    Three features of LoveNestle's silicone sex dolls—movable skeletons, body paint, and skin texture—make them incredibly lifelike. To ensure that sex dolls feel natural to the touch, LoveNestle gathered the skin line patterns of over 100 real women and used a combination of handcrafting and 3D scanning to engrave skin details on sex doll mould. LoveNestle used five layers of body paint to accurately depict skin wrinkles, freckles, and veins. The body structure is supported by the stable stainless steel skeleton, which is also flexible enough to allow for a variety of sex positions. These skeletons are made to closely resemble the human shape, giving dolls the ability to deliver a genuine sensation.
  • Tantaly
    Tantaly sex dolls are rather lifelike and constructed from TPE. They provide a realistic experience by using fair, wheat, and cocoa skin tones. Natural TPE dolls have difficult-to-carve skin textures. While TPE does not retain colour well, Tantaly does offer natural areola and vulva color, but Tantaly sex dolls' body paint will gradually vanish. The metal skeleton of the Tantaly sex doll has movement capabilities ranging from 25 to 90 degrees, enabling a certain degree of leg movement.
LoveNestle vs Tantaly Level of realism

Ease of Use

  • LoveNestle
    LoveNestle focuses on using high-quality silicone in the production of its sex dolls. The easy to clean nature of silicone products makes LoveNestle dolls easy to maintain. The built-in flexible skeletons allow these dolls to satisfy a wide range of sex positions, but it's important to use the right techniques to bend them into the desired positions.
  • Tantaly
    Tantaly utilizes TPE, which presents its own set of challenges in terms of cleanliness and maintenance. TPE dolls have a porous structure, which can easily yield skin oil. This can lead to discoloration and staining if not properly maintained. Tantaly dolls also come with built-in skeletons, allowing for flexibility in sex positions as well.


  • LoveNestle
    LoveNestle silicone life size sex dolls start at half the price of the average market price. LoveNestle's life-size silicone sex doll costs around $829, whereas the average market price is more than $1500.  LoveNestle also provides various free upgrades and customization options, allowing users to personalize their dolls without breaking the bank.
  • Tantaly
    Tantaly utilizes high-quality TPE. Tantaly sex dolls are little bit more expensive than the average market price. The average market price of a life size TPE sex dolls is around $700 and a Tantaly life size dolls is over $900.

Customization Choices

  • LoveNestle
    LoveNestle provides various customization options, including areola size, areola color, vulva color, pubic hair, and tan lines. This allows you to create a personalized doll that meets your preferences.
  • Tantaly
    Tantaly offers no customization. This means that customers are unable to personalize their dolls beyond certain basic options.
LoveNestle vs Tantaly Customization Choice

Customer Service

  • LoveNestle
    LoveNestle offers dedicated customer support staff who are ready to assist you at any time. With their 24/7 availability, you can expect to receive family-like attention and personalized answers whenever you need assistance. 
  • Tantaly
    Tantaly untilize an AI chatbot to direct you to blog articles when you seek assistance. While the AI chatbot can provide general information and articles, it may not offer the same level of support and customization as a human customer support team.
LoveNestle vs Tantaly Customer Service

A Few Words from Users Tried Both LoveNestle and Tantaly

Just a guy tdf avatar

Just A Guy

Doll Advisor from TDF

"Tantaly Torso Not Even Close to Realistic"

"I have Vanessa. The price is more than competitive comparing to other torsos. You get top of the line realistic painting and molding with "goose bumps" skin for ultimate realism and also I decided to test this torso because I don't care to buy another 40kg or even 40kg + doll for this big breasts. So definetly anybody on a budjet I highly recommend this torso. I think you get the most bang for the buck. I paid mine little bit over 600€ so that is killer price! Compared that I paid about 550€ for my Hentai torso from Tantaly that is made form TPE and is not even close this realistic looking nor this big or have this huge boobies."

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