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How would you rate the overall product quality of your LoveNestle silicone sex doll?
How likely are you to recommend LoveNestle products to like-minded individuals?
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How would you rate the customer service provided by our customer support team?
How did the shipping process go?
What specific features or characteristics of your LoveNestle silicone sex doll do you appreciate the most?
LHP stands for Love Hole Placement, which is of great importance when it comes to sex dolls. The placement of both the vaginal and anal tunnel plays a crucial role in the user experience and the overall satisfaction derived from having sex with these dolls.
How did you learn about LoveNestle?
Have you ever used any of the following products before?
Have you ever used any other sex doll brands?
LoveNestle may make them one of LoveNestle models
Please mention the name of the YouTubers or social media influencers you like or simply drop some URLs of some videos you love. LoveNestle may collaborate with them to bring you even more captivating content.

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