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Weekly Sex Position - Spooning


Spooning is a popular sex position that involves the partners lying in a spoon-like position, with one partner lying behind the other. This position is excellent for the intimate closeness it provides, as well as the comfort that comes with it. It can be a great way to deepen the connection between partners. It also allows for easy access to the partner's body, allowing for a range of pleasurable activities.

Additionally, spooning can be modified in various ways to accommodate different body types and preferences. This position can be used in both heterosexual and same-sex relationships. It can also be used for non-sexual intimacy, such as comfort or relaxation. Spooning can also be used as foreplay, allowing partners to explore each other's bodies and increase arousal. It can also increase the duration and intensity of an orgasm.

Spooning position
Spooning hug

What the Girl Does While Spooning

You may Spoon your man, and you can push back against him with each stroke. To adjust the angle at which your partner enters you, you can also fiddle with your position by bending forward a little or elevating your legs toward your stomach.

To alter the angle of penetration, you'll discover that you can also lean slightly into your stomach. You will be in the ideal position to start rubbing your clitoris, use a vibrator to help induce orgasm or finger yourself if you are having anal sex with your spouse whilst spooning.

What He Does While Spooning

As I've previously stated, spooning is an exceptionally comfortable position for sex or cuddling. Your partner doesn't need to be particularly strong or flexible in order to spoon with you. He wants to be on his side and thrust in and out of you. He might find it easier to thrust into you if he bends over you just a little. 

Additionally, your man is in the ideal position to reach around and begin stimulating you by massaging his fingers about your clitoral region and labia. In order to push into you a little more complicated, he can also hold the top side of your waist. If your partner puts his arms around you, his lower arm may get numb or experience pins and needles if he holds it there too long. He can put it behind your back or stretch it above him to prevent this.

Spooning with sex doll

Doggy Style with Sex Doll

Spooning sex with a sex doll requires you to get creative with your positioning. It can be an intimate and sensual experience as you wrap your arms around the doll and cuddle up close. It's a great way to explore different angles and positions and can be a fun and intimate experience. This position also helps reduce pressure and strain on the body, making it ideal for longer, more intimate sessions. Spooning is one of the most popular and versatile positions, allowing you to explore and experiment with different angles and positions.

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