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Sex Position of the Week: Planking

How to Plank

The planking sex position is an exciting and versatile position that can add a new level of intimacy and pleasure to your sexual encounters. This position involves both partners engaging in a full-body, horizontal alignment, resembling the popular fitness exercise known as "planking." As a variation of doggy and missionary; To achieve this position, follow the steps below:

1. Get into position: Begin by lying face down on a flat surface, such as a bed or the floor. Extend your arms straight in front of you and rest on your forearms. Your body should be in a straight line, with your toes touching the ground.

2. Partner's position: Your partner should straddle your body, facing the opposite direction. They can position themselves either on their knees or with their legs extended straight behind them, depending on comfort.

3. Penetration and stimulation: Once both partners are in position, your partner can guide their penis or a sex toy into your vagina or anus, depending on preference. The planking position allows for deep penetration and a unique angle for both partners.

4. Sensual movements: While in the planking position, both partners can experiment with different movements and rhythms. Your partner can use their hands to caress your back, buttocks, or thighs, adding an extra layer of sensual pleasure.

5. Communication and comfort: As with any sexual position, communication is key. Make sure to check in with your partner to ensure that both of you are comfortable and enjoying the experience. Adjustments can be made as needed to accommodate individual preferences and physical limitations.

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Benefits of the Planking Sex Position:

1. Intensified sensations: The planking position allows for deeper penetration, which can enhance pleasure for both partners.

2. Full-body engagement: This position engages various muscle groups, providing a full-body workout while having sex.

3. Eye contact and intimacy: The face-to-face alignment in the planking position allows for increased eye contact and intimacy, fostering a deeper connection between partners.

4. Versatility: The planking position can be modified to suit different body types and preferences. Experiment with variations such as lifting one leg or adding pillows for support.

Remember, sexual exploration is a personal journey, and it's important to prioritize consent, communication, and mutual pleasure. While the planking sex position can be exciting and enjoyable, it may not be suitable for everyone. Listen to your body and your partner's cues to ensure a pleasurable and safe experience.

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