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LoveNestle Weekly Sex Position 34: The Snow Angel

Sex Position Banner the snow angel


The snow angel is a classic sex position that is perfect for this time of year. With its gentle movements and sensual touch, this position offers an intimate and pleasurable experience for both partners. Let's dive right in and learn how to recreate the snow angel in the bedroom! This is also a variation of the missionary sex position.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Begin by lying on your back, with your partner lying on top of you.

2. Slide your legs gently over your partner's body, wrapping them around their waist.

3. Rest your feet on the bed, allowing your partner to support their weight.

4. Arch your back slightly, creating a curve between your lower back and butt.

5. Encourage your partner to lean forward, supporting their weight on their hands.

6. Allow your partner to enter you slowly and gently.

7. Take deep breaths, synchronizing your movements with your partner's.

8. Experiment with different movements and angles to find what feels best for you both.

9. To increase the stimulation, consider using a lubricant or stimulating your partner's erogenous zones.

10. Take your time, and enjoy the slow, sensual rhythm of the snow angel.


Variations and Tips

- For added intimacy, wrap your arms around your partner's neck or hold their hands.

- Experiment with eye contact or soft kisses to deepen the connection.

- If penetration becomes uncomfortable, consider using a lubricant or changing the angle of the position.

- To make the experience even more pleasurable, consider using a toy or incorporating bondage.

- Remember to communicate openly with your partner throughout the experience to ensure maximum pleasure.


The snow angel is a simple yet sensual sex position that is perfect for creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere in the bedroom. With its gentle movements and sensual touch, this position offers both partners pleasure and connection. So, next time you're feeling adventurous, give the snow angel a try and recreate the magic of the season in the bedroom!

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