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Marry a Sex Doll

Marrying a sex doll

Who are iDollators

iDollators are individuals who have a fascination or a deep emotional connection with lifelike dolls, often referred to as "love dolls" or "sex dolls." The iDollators often use a lot of time to customize the doll to their fantasy. The more professional name for iDollators is Agalmatophilia which means sexual attraction to a statue, doll, mannequin, or other similar figurative object. It is still a minority community. This community encompasses a diverse range of people, each with their own unique experiences and perspectives on doll relationships. While some may view dolls primarily as objects of desire or companionship, others may see them as works of art or avenues for creative expression.

Marry sex doll
From Mirror, a man, Everad, and his doll, Anouska.

Why do iDollators choose dolls?

From the research of Kenneth R. Hanson, who went into this community for a long time, few owners are young and inexperienced, and most have been in one or multiple long-term relationships. The typical doll owner is a heterosexual man, and they get dissatisfied with human relationships. Some blame feminism and liberalism for their relationship woes. Others actively resist this framing. Some just simply prefer to be single. Some men were afraid to have sex with real women. Some need psychological companionship, comfort, or a sense of connection that may be lacking in their lives. These individuals may find solace in the presence of a doll, which can offer a non-judgmental and reliable source of support.

June Korea with his doll
From Piximus, a South Korean photographer, John Korea.

Others may turn to dolls as a form of creative expression, using them to explore their fantasies, desires, and identities. For these individuals, dolls serve as blank canvases upon which they can project their personalities and aspirations. There are multiple reasons for each specific iDollator. However, it is all up to their own choices. This synthetic companionship is not restricted to single people. Some couples use dolls to fulfill extramarital desires.

What a life would be like as a iDollators

Many iDollators just have a normal life with their dolls as a real couple. They might use some AI technology as the mind of their doll. From an iDollator named John, he thinks that Jackie, his doll, gets her own body, but they use the same brain. iDollators would fulfill the whole story, experience, personality, and anything they like for their doll. Some dolls have Twitter, Instagram, and other kinds of social media. Many of them will try to update their dolls and repair their dolls, as an iDollator named Davecat, gave his doll a 20th anniversary gift, RealBotix, which makes the doll blick, rotate, and have some moving automaton. Some of them will dress and do makeup for their dolls. Some just learn these things after they build a relationship with their dolls. There is even a doll congress in which iDollators might have different discussions of how to share styles and upkeep tips for their dolls. A part of them does know the limitations of this relationship. As Dr.Knafo says, “Eventually, some of them stop having sex with dolls, just like a marriage.” Some of these iDollators do have a marriage or a wedding with their dolls. However, we still know less about this community, so we are glad to see your comments about more information about iDollators.

Marry sex doll

Yuri Tolochko’s wedding with his sex doll, Margo. Pic from his Instagram.

How do these people find their interest in dolls?

This kind of finding is very personal and subjective. Some might find the attractiveness of dolls as what people are attracted by those hobbies or interests. For many iDollators, the attraction to dolls is a gradual process, shaped by a combination of personal experiences and external influences. Some just find that the doll can fulfill their emotional needs like companionship, comfort, or a sense of connection. Some might be up to psychological factors like attachment issues, trauma, or a need for control. More factors can be seen. It is a very specific experience for each iDollators.

Do they know the limitations of this relationship?

Many of them do know the doll objectively cannot move, speak, or live as a real human. Some of them think the doll is a character that they make, it is just like a character made by an author. As Davecat says: ' I define ‘real’ as ‘anything that can be perceived with any of my senses.’ Some might view their dolls as extensions of themselves, imbuing them with their personalities, desires, and experiences. Some might have a more blurred perception of it and may struggle in the recognition of it. In fact, up to the difference between each relationship, it gets the effect factors of personal experience, psychological factors, and societal norms.

Marry sex doll( made in love)
From 《Made in Love》

Where can I know more about iDollators

There are a lot of documentaries of iDollators like “Real Girl”, “Silicone Soul”, “Guys and Dolls” etc. Also, you can find a lot of articles. There are also a lot of books about siDollators like "Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships" by David Levy. I've seen a movie called “ Made for Love” which is the first time I saw this community. The father of Hazel Green has a doll wife named Daine. I think it is also a simple way to know more about this community, the harm they get, the relationships they have, and the things they meet. There are more things like videos, interviews, some forums, iDollators’ blogs, etc.

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