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LoveNestle Lounge Episode 3: Thoughts from LoveNestlers

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Today’s exciting episode of LoveNestle Lounge is special because it's a Q&A session where our co-founder, Sarah Gibson, answered some of the most intriguing questions from our community. Let's jump right in and explore the insights she shared.

Unveiling Product Features and Customization Options

The first question we will discuss is why LoveNestle doesn't advertise the ability to place heads on certain torsos sold on our site. Sarah explained that our focus has always been on the product qualities and body shapes. This emphasis inadvertently led us to ignore that this is something that needs to be advertised. She clarified that they simply viewed it as a standard feature, not realizing it should be highlighted. Moving forward, we’re considering promoting this option more frequently, as we recognize it's something our customers truly desire.

When asked if LoveNestle can make more torsos with the ability to place heads, Sarah assured listeners that as long as there’s significant interest from LoveNestlers, we’re ready to expand our offerings. She encouraged everyone to reach out via direct messages, comments, or emails to express their preferences, emphasizing the importance of customer feedback in guiding product development.

Exciting Developments and Future Plans

Another popular inquiry was the possibility of a larger Yuki model or one with a B cup. Sarah mentioned that creating a larger Yuki involves new molds and design adjustments, which is a significant investment in time and resources. However, we’re considering it based on customer demand. Sarah explained that the R&D team has already been briefed on this demand, and they're exploring the feasibility of creating such a model. She encouraged those interested to continue expressing their desires to help prioritize these developments.

On the topic of non-human sex dolls, Sarah shared that while it might not be her personal preference, LoveNestle is open to exploring this avenue if there’s enough interest. If non-human sex dolls are something you’re passionate about, your feedback and interest will be crucial in making this a reality.

Customization and Special Requests

For those interested in customizing a Vanessa doll with larger breasts, Sarah explained that it is indeed possible but comes with certain challenges and costs. Creating a new mold for significantly larger breasts, especially beyond the already large J cup, requires a substantial financial investment—potentially around $5000. Additionally, there are material constraints to consider, as excessively large breasts might compromise the structural integrity of the doll. Sarah advised customers to thoroughly consider these factors before deciding on such customizations.

LoveNestle also offers a range of dildos for all dolls except mini dolls, and we have transgender dolls like Rina, which come with compelling backstories. This variety ensures that our products meet the diverse needs and preferences of our customers, providing options that cater to different desires and identities.

Practical Tips and Events

Finding the right clothing size for your doll can be tricky, but Sarah provided some practical tips to help. She recommended opting for tight bikinis, lace one-pieces, or stretchy outfits in light colors to avoid pigmentation issues. These types of clothing not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the dolls but also ensure a better fit and reduce the risk of staining.

In celebration of Pride Month, LoveNestle is offering a 15% discount on in-stock items. Sarah encouraged everyone to follow our social media channels for more activities supporting the LGBTQ+ community and for a chance to win free sex toys. This promotion is part of our ongoing commitment to inclusivity and celebrating diversity within our community.

Looking Ahead

Sarah reassured listeners that LoveNestle is always listening to its customers. She encouraged everyone to share their thoughts and suggestions to help shape the future direction of our products and services. Customer feedback is invaluable, and we rely on it to ensure we are meeting the evolving needs and preferences of our community.

Thank you for tuning in to today’s episode of LoveNestle Lounge! We hope we’ve quenched your curiosity and answered all your questions about our company. Your enthusiasm and support inspire us to keep innovating and enhancing our products and services. Don’t forget to leave your questions and feedback in the comments. We can’t wait to engage with you and provide more fascinating insights in future episodes.
Emily Silverman
Emily Silverman

Having spent over three years in the sex industry, with a focus on investigating sex dolls, I'm excited to share the newest and most fascinating developments in this field. From lifelike features to customizable options, I've explored the diverse range of offerings that redefine human sexuality. Let's embark on a journey together to discover the incredible diversity within the world of sex dolls.

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    1. Thank you very much for listening and your valuable suggestions. We are making improvements based on your suggestions. If you have any topics you want us to share, please leave us a message here.

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