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Free Real Skin

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Upgraded Ultra-realistic skin texture that captures the essence of human skin, natural as a lover's touch.

Free Ultra-Soft Silicone

Worth $100

Ultra-Soft Silicone is LoveNestle's exlusive upgraded material that enures exceeding softness in boob and butt areas.

Free Vagina Sucking

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LoveNestle is proud to offer free vaginal sucking, a revolutionary feature that tightly grip your genitals and takes your experience to new heights.

Free Sexy Lingerie

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Receive a complimentary sexy lingerie set, ensuring your sex dolls are visually appealing and alluring.

Free Cleaning Kit

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Enjoy a free cleaning kit to keep your sex dolls in good condition after each session.

Black Friday Special Gifts

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LoveNestle canvas bag and customized Savannah mouse pad. These Special gifts are limited in number! Shop Now!

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Words Of Our Happy Reviewers

“It's so so so real! The Ultra-Soft silicone is so squishy. She is Amazing!! The amazing detail and the skin look so perfect! It is so so comfy. Both love holes so cute! It's so exciting to play with her.”

Candy C

Porn Hub Reviewer

“Back in the days, silicone boobs are firmer than TPE. But LoveNestle has their own proprietary--LoveBoobs that are extremly soft and squishy.”

Turd Flinging Monkey

YouTube Reviewer

“EXTREMELY JIGGLY WIGGLY LOVE DOLL IN THE WORLD! So many so many sex dolls on my channel but they haven’t felt this soft before. This is actually so unique! OMG OMG!”


Sex Toy Reviewer

"It's simply magical. I would like to say that the doll is very realistic. Thanks to the detail of the textures, the doll is great. Her skin is fantastically soft. All the pores and veins drawn are very realistic."


Sex Toy Reviewer

"You could really feel the realism in this doll. LoveNestle is on to something different, the skin, veins, and pores. You almost feel like a real person, even down to the bone structure. She's firm in the right places too."

Mae & Dre

Porn Hub Reviewer

"OMG! OMG! OMG! The skin is very realistic. The nipples are nice and perky. Vanessa's boobs are just like mine but bigger. They are like anime boobs. It even sounds realistic when you spank her ass."

Lustful Geek

YouTube Reviewer

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Lovenestle understands the importance of timely delivery and strives to ensure your package arrives quickly. Once you place an order, we will process it within 12 hours. In most cases, you can expect your package within 10 business days. However, it’s important to note that during busy periods, such as Black Friday, order volume may increase significantly. 


Customers can return LoveNestle products if the products are unopened and unused within 15 days after purchase. Customers need to bear all shipment costs and transaction fees under this circumstance. *Please note the return period will expire after 15 days on which customers or a third party other than the carrier acquires physical possession of our products.